Welcome back! Time to elevate your level FURTHER! 

So glad to have you on Team BBK for another term! I look forward to continuing helping you be the best version of yourself and crushing your goals!

My Personalised Programs help my clients:
  • Achieve their GOALS
  • Build their confidence
  • Strengthen their mindset & resilience
  • Keep accountable & disciplined
  • Develop a strong, balanced and functional physique
  • Build their metabolism & develop a healthy relationship with food 
  • Enjoy a healthier long-term lifestyle
What's included in your return program? 
  • Re-assessment of goals and composition  
  • Customised Training Program & protocol specific to your goals, fitness level and lifestyle demands for the chosen amount of time (8, 12, 16 or 20 weeks)
  • Detailed Macro-Nutrition and Calorie Breakdown to go alongside your new Training Program and goals which will be updated as required
  • Vitamin & Supplement Guidance/ Protocols.
  • Recovery & Stretching Guidance
  • Scheduled weekly check-ins with photos/videos & feedback 
  • Plan adjustments as required 
  • Reliable communication with me via Whatsapp and/or email for any queries or concerns over the duration of your coaching 

Please Note: This option includes a macro breakdown/calculation of your calories based on your desired goal. This option is great for those already familiar with or are interested in Flexible Dieting #IIFYM, are looking to learn how to count macros/ are already familiar with macros and want to take more accountability and control over their food choices. Macros will be adjusted where required on check ins. 

NOTE: All custom programs are NON-REFUNDABLE. For more information please visit the site’s Terms & Conditions.