This detailed 13 page, 4 week training guide will give you in depth guidance and framework on how to target this area of your body to build proportionate and balanced back with well-developed musculature that accentuates/ builds the illusion of a smaller waist and a more X-Frame looking physique. You will also to some degree, be gaining strength along the course of the 4 weeks. It also includes a brief overview on how to eat to build, as well as guidance and information regarding training principles and methods that are applicable to this program and muscle group. 

This program has been carefully designed (for both men and women) to maximise training efficiency and muscle growth in the desired area of improvement and is great for anybody who is looking to change up their back training regime and try something different - or for those having trouble seeing growth and shape in in their back overall and need a more challenging and structured training outline. 

Each of the 4 weeks in this program entails a different and variated routine to not only keep things interesting - but to also maintain progression to the intended goal. 

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These training programs are not custom made to any individual and serve as a general guide and framework. For fully customised training programs that cater to your individual goals and body composition please take a look at my Individualised Online Coaching Programs.