The Philosophy

Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness has come to resonate many meanings for me over the course of my own experiences in the industry, and in life. I have grown to learn that through taking accountability and care for my physical health, that there is more to this than just the exterior appearance of a person. True health and fitness encompasses all areas of someones being - mind, body and spirit. 

It has broken and reshaped mental boundaries, resilience and confidence over and over, making me a much stronger person over time. 

I have come to value all the lessons and knowledge I have accumulated over the years through studies and life experiences, and want to share that with you all so you, in turn, can also lead your best, most healthiest life. I want to challenge your way of thinking, guide you out of your confusion and bring clarity to your goals and expectations of yourself. I want to encourage you to follow your passion, wherever that may lie - and relentlessly pursue it with dedication and conviction.  

You don't need to aspire to be a bodybuilder like myself, but that doesn't mean you are not accountable for your actions and wellbeing in other ways. We are all unique and so are our aspirations, perceptions and goals. Taking care of yourself is so important and yet it is underestimated by many. I'm here to change that, and I choose to be a part of the positive catalyst  that helps shape others to make more positive choices to becoming their best, strongest self.

For women, I want them feel empowered and discover themselves through this amazing platform and break the stereotype. Society tends to always dictate what is attractive and desirable in women, we have all at some point in our lives been influenced by the opinions of others over our own and sometimes even felt sheer frustration and lack of confidence because of this. It's time that changes.  

I want women to own their image , whatever it may be -  and work to their strengths and feel confident in themselves. Strong women make great women and strength comes in many forms. 

Overall, I see it as my purpose to inspire people to be their absolute best - and I hope to be able to further my reach and message through my website and the community of people who visit my page.