I am dedicated to my craft and my sport, giving my best effort everyday to ensure I achieve my goals to make sure I perform beyond expectation and present all the hard work and dedication both myself, my coach and my team have invested through the years.  Along with this intense athlete training - the journey to stage could not be made possible without those who stand behind me to support my professional and competitive endeavours. 

I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of them for believing in me and allowing me the opportunity to do what I love and continue to progress and improve everyday to become a high quality athlete in the sport of Bodybuilding. 

The supplement brand I use and recommend to my friends, family and clients is BLACKSTONE LABS.

Blackstone Labs know what bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts want, which is they are so tirelessly dedicated to giving it to you and strive to make the Blackstone Labs experience unique and awe-inspiring, akin to discovering the impossible. 

Hard work and quality products allowed Blackstone Labs to become a major force in the Bodybuilding and dietary supplement industry and the company strives to support their customers athletic and competitive goals.

There exists a definitive level of distinction with Blackstone Labs’ products. They tirelessly pour over quality control, making sure that what they release not only meets market standards, but also their own. No matter what path you choose to go down, Blackstone Labs will provide you with the supplements you need to not only meet your goals, but EXCEED them. 

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Doherty’s Gym 24:7  is a family owned & operated business in Australia. Originating in 1994 in a small warehouse (400m2) with a truckload of worn out equipment, zero members and a dream. 

Founder and owner of the Doherty’s Gym brand, Tony Doherty, worked hard at establishing a membership base and catering to the public’s desire to train at a facility never seen before in Melbourne.

The gym layout is styled on a typical West Coast US gym. We have more equipment than you can imagine, covering weight training, cardio fitness, boxing and more. We have a fully stocked Pro Shop for all your training supplement requirements, workout accessories and Doherty’s Gym clothing. Our members and guests can also enjoy our unique coffee shop before or after their workout.

At Doherty’s 24:7 Gym, there will always be plenty of fantastic people to mingle with. From elite athletes to celebrities, whether you are here for general fitness, or training for a professional sport, Doherty’s Gym  has Melbourne’s best trainers to help you achieve your greatest results.

Oh, and one last detail…We are NEVER closed!


Glamfit Bikini's is one of, if not the most iconic and well-known competition bikini creators in the industry today. 

TheY cater for all federations and are known for their one of a kind, unique pieces that literally shine on stage. Glamfit understands the importance of finding the “Perfect Competition Bikini”. It's not just that you want an amazing bikini...it's that you want to FEEL amazing in that bikini. I'm talking "jaw-dropping, holy SH*T is that really her" kind of amazing. So, that's why Glamfit is here, and why they make sparkly bikinis that they're obsessed with.

They want you to walk on stage feeling like the beautifully amazing woman that you are. I've had the honour of wearing 4 of their amazing couture creations so far and cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for a high quality suit. Their attention to detail and commitment to every one of their pieces is second to none and will leave you feeling a million dollars on stage. 


Hair with Envy: The best hair extension salon in Melbourne

Many women desire luscious locks. If you wish that your hair was a little longer, thicker or both, Hair With Envy can help. Located in Elsternwick, they provide high quality hair extensions coupled with exceptional customer care, making us one of the most reputable suppliers of real human hair extensions in Melbourne. 

Hair With Envy always goes to great lengths to source real extensions that suit your individual requirements, as everyone's locks are different. They only offer premium, real and the best hair types available in today’s market.