After having a brief conversation with me via email, I’ll have a better understanding as to what you’re looking for to fit your goals. I will offer some packages to choose from. Shortly after you sign up, I’ll have you fill out a form in order to accurately design you plan to fit you and your needs.

My personalised coaching is not for everyone. I take on a limited amount of clients every month. Personalised coaching goes beyond just following the exercises in my workout plan or app. I find out what your goals are and make a custom diet and exercise program unique to your body and lifestyle. I will stay in communication throughout your journey to keep you accountable and on track with weekly progress check-ins. Changes will be made to your program as needed based on your progress and our communication with each other.

As your Program is delivered in PDF format OR via the exclusive KVF Client Training App, your Program will be available to you forever!  You can repeat the program and workouts as many times as you like!

No problem! Just shoot me an e-mail or DM and I will suggest an alternative. No sweat! 


Yes! My Meal Plans can cater for a range of dietary requirements, including:
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soy Free, Red Meat Free, Seafood Free, Pescetarian, Vegetarian, Vegan & Paleo. 

My Meal Plan will give you suggested recipes and ingredients that will fill your macros accurately. 

It will depend on what option you select and how your body responds. Typically I wait 2-4 weeks until making adjustments so we can see your body's response. Once you check in I assess your progress and I change your Macros accordingly. There is also an option to keep the same foods or receive new foods. I will always make sure to keep variety with your meal ideas and keep your macros in line with your goals and progress.