No matter what goal you have in relation to your fitness, the process is usually relatively simple. It's not rocket science and there are no secrets. It comes down to defining your goals and setting up the correct path to reach those goals and then putting in the work required. With my expertise I will provide you with your own personalised physical blueprint that is "made to fit" and completely custom for your body type, activity levels, goals, gender, lifestyle and age and help keep you accountable. 

All individualised programs are completely customised and are designed after the consultation process is complete and all areas are assessed and covered to gain the best understanding of your needs and goals. After the consultation process your plan will be delivered to your nominated e-mail address within 3-5 business days. 


All training guides will give you in depth guidance and framework on how to target specific areas of your body to build full, well sculpted and conditioned muscles. They also include a brief overview on how to eat to build, as well as guidance and information regarding training principles and methods that are applicable to the program and muscle group. 

All programs have been carefully designed (for both men and women) to maximise training efficiency and muscle growth in the desired area of improvement and are great for anybody who is looking to change up their training regime and try something different - or for those having trouble seeing growth overall and need a more challenging and structured training outline but do not want to commit to a fully customised program for the time being. 



I offer competition prep services for the looks, rules and regulations of all federations including NPC, IFBB, WBFF, ANB and ICN.

Competition Prep is available for any week range required upon consultation and assessment of an athletes current condition compared to their desired condition / category.

A comprehensive plan and strategy will then be formulated to achieve the desired competitive package for stage.

I will work with each client individually to make sure that adequate time and training is invested into working towards any competition and I will not rush any clients to stage. 

I also offer Posing Coaching separately, both in person (Melbourne ONLY) or online for those who are just looking to work on their stage presentation, walks and stage routines.