Killer Curves Program FAQs

October 30, 2018

Killer Curves Program FAQs

My brand new Killer Curves 6 Week Program is here is all you is to know! Whether you are new to my programs or a past client, I’m sure this FAQs page will answer your questions.


What sort of training can I expect in this Program?

This program is a blend between Hypertrophy training methods and body sculpting techniques I personally use to really build on my physique. The focus of this Program is all about building key areas to get you that sought-after hourglass look from all angles and #murves in allllll the right places - with no compromise on your proportions, keeping you aesthetically balanced from head to toe.
This Program is over a medium amount of time, ensuring you really see results! It is full of intense, effective workouts which will leave you feeling fitter and stronger! All workouts in this program are ones I personally use to build my own physique. 


How is this program different to your other guides?

This program is brand new and incorporates all my favourite ways to train! I love lifting, intense sessions and challenging workouts. Unlike my past guides which are muscle-group specific - this will work your entire body! This program includes a variety of rep ranges, set ranges and levels of intensity. The workouts are a mix of Weights/Hypertrophy Training, Sculpting, and Cardio (which is optional, but encouraged!)


Are there different workouts every week?

Yes, you will receive 6 weeks’ worth of training and every session is different! The training plan includes 5 training days per week, and 2 full rest days. There is lots of variety throughout these workouts, so you will remain motivated and not lose interest!


 Do I get a Meal Guide with this Program?

With this Program you have a choice of two options. Training Plan ONLY or Training Plan + Personalised Macros 

If you are new to fitness, not experienced with tracking, or would really like your Nutrition Goals set for you based on my expertise - the Training Plan + Personalised Macros option will be perfect for you. You’ll receive a Meal Guide with recommended foods to eat that fit in line with the Calories/ Macros I calculate for you – plus you’ll receive your personalised macros. 

The Training Plan ONLY option is great for more experienced ladies who want the flexibility of taking care of their own diet/ nutrition. This option does come with recipe ideas and a non-personalised sample meal plan for your reference. 


Does my Meal Guide/Macros stay the same for the whole 6 Weeks?

No, for this Program your Macros remain the same only for 2 weeks, until you check in with me. Once you check in I assess your progress and I change your Macros accordingly. There is also an option to keep the same foods or receive new foods. I will always make sure to keep variety with your meal ideas and keep your macros in line with your goals and progress. 


I have dietary requirements, can these be catered for?

Yes! My Meal Plans and Macros can cater for a range of dietary requirements, including, but not limited to: Pescetarian, Vegetarian, Vegan & Paleo; as well as Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soy Free and Shellfish free. 

Please make sure to list any dietary requirements in your questionnaire. 


Are we given Ingredients or Recipes?

My Meal Plan will give you suggested recipes and ingredients that will fill your macros accurately. 


I have a Medical Condition; can I take part in your Program?

You will need to check with your doctor.  The Program cannot be tailored to suit serious medical conditions, and I don’t recommend taking part if you have health concerns.  If you have full clearance from your doctor to participate, then go ahead!  If you don’t, please put off taking part in any fitness program until you do. 


How long will I have access to the Program for?

As your Program is delivered in PDF format, your Program will be available to you forever!  You can repeat the program and workouts as many times as you like!


Do I need gym-access for this Program?

For this 6 Week Program, you’ll need a well-equipped gym. The Program has been designed, and incorporates the use of various gym machines and equipment - so you will need access to a gym to be able to really get the most out of it and get the intended results. 


What if my gym doesn't have a machine you have listed in the Program? 

No problem! Just shoot me an e-mail or DM and I will suggest an alternative. No sweat! 


Do I Check In with you?

Of course! You will have 2 check ins during this Program – End of Week 2 and End of Week 4. You will be checking with me via the e-mail and it will help you remain accountable and motivated. After your check in you’ll receive a new Meal Plan/Macros, and all your results will be collated to track your progress!  


I don’t live in Australia; can I still participate in the Program?

Absolutely! My Programs are available Worldwide. I am committed and available to everyone who would like to jump on board with me. 


What if I don’t know how to do an exercise?

Don't sweat it, girl! Just shoot me an e-mail or DM and I will send you over a reference video to help you get your form right!


Can I start the Program late?

Yes, you can start your program at a later date if you'd like. However, check ins remain the same (end of Week 2 and end of Week 4). I cannot move check ins; this program is structured - so it needs to be run accordingly. However, if you don’t mind missing check ins, you are able to complete your plan however you'd like. I will try to accomodate where I can to make sure you are all taken care of, so don't sweat. Please fill out your questionnaire (if you choose the Training Plan + Personalised Macros) as soon as possible so I can make sure you have your Meal Guide/Macros for when you start.


How will I contact Kiki?

I have designed this Program  so that you will receive weekly emails from me keeping you accountable and motivated! You are also able to contact me directlu with any questions at


Join Me for My 6 Week KILLER CURVES Program, CLICK HERE!

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